What Fats Wear: An Introduction

Hey – I’m Kelly, and I live in Toronto, Canada.

I love minimal, sleek clothing with a structural vibe. I eschew colours and abhor patterns. I seek classic basics that will stand the test of time and transition seamlessly from season to season. Think Acne Studio, Helmut Lang, Max Mara, Rick Owens, Vince. But there is a problem—I can’t actually wear any of those brands because I am fat. I want to be perfectly clear, that is not a me problem; that is an industry problem. But more on that in future posts.

I started What Fats Wear because despite very clearly knowing what I like, finding what I like is difficult. Extremely difficult. That is a reality I have to confront on an almost daily basis. When shopping for clothing, when buying clothing, when looking in my closet, when dressing, when seeing straight sized people wearing clothing I wish I could wear.

I feel strongly that fat people deserve to wear beautiful clothing that suits their personal aesthetic. Because of this, I spend large swaths of my free time scouring stores (online and IRL) to find clothing for myself. An eye-watering amount of time, really—and most of it spent being totally frustrated by the lack of options available to people my size or larger.

I order from online retailers regularly and am always looking for new independent brands that manufacture clothing in sizes that fit fat people. I try on dozens of pieces of clothing a year to see how they fit (or don’t fit) my body. I pass that information on to my fat friends, and I want to pass that information on to you. I am acutely aware that the time and money I am able to devote to shopping for, buying, and returning clothing is a privilege that not all fat people possess. I hope to help bridge those barriers.

I care about who makes my clothing and under what conditions, but I also understand and acknowledge the limited choices when it comes to clothing made for fat people. For me, clothing has a shelf life but is not disposable. Untangling these dualities will be part of What Fats Wear. What won’t be part of What Fats Wear is trying to shame fat people for the retail choices they make. There is no ethical consumption under capitalism, ya know?

I am captivated by all things makeup and skincare. I’ve been a dedicated Sephora shopper since December 2012 and have maintained VIB Rouge status since they launched the program (which makes me kind of queasy to type—what’s wrong with me?). I’ve had friends exclaim exasperatedly, “I can’t believe the number of things you’ve tried.” I can tell you which brands are cruelty-free or not from memory—if that’s something you happen to be interested in. I can recall on an encyclopedic level every product I’ve ever tried.

In recent years, I’ve scaled back my makeup collection to focus on fewer products and more natural looks, but there was an extended period of time when I got in line for every new launch. I have a number of favourite brands that I will still try everything they come out with—Glossier, Hourglass, and Charlotte Tilbury, to name a few.

Hit me up with your questions, I’m here for you.

What to expect from What Fats Wear?

• Reviews of retailers who cater to fat consumers
• Reviews of straight-sized retailers who have a limited range of fat sizes
• Outfit inspiration
• A series on best fat-sized basics (cashmere, wool, tee shirts, etc.)
• Try-on videos
• Makeup and skincare reviews
• Book reviews
• Fat lifestyle
• Fat travel
• Interiors
• Organization
• Discussions surrounding mental health
• Discussions surrounding physical activity
• Discussions surrounding racism, classism, sexism, fatphobia, homophobia, and transphobia in the fashion industry and in society-at-large

Expect everything you’d expect from your favourite straight-size bloggers, but filtered through a lens of fatness and with a fat-size audience as a prime directive.

When can you expect it?

To begin, expect blog posts once a week—Wednesday mornings.

Instagram posts and stories daily.

Soon, YouTube videos twice a week—Wednesdays and Sundays.

I want to help fat people, not unlike myself, find clothing that makes them feel strong, powerful, and confident. I want to live in a world with more empowered fat babes. Let’s work together to make that world a reality.

Photos by Yuli Scheidt.